Day 1: Just Getting Out the F*CKING Door

Here’s the thing, one of the hardest things for me to do each morning is to leave on time. It’s such an obtainable goal, for most, but for me it feels like an impossible task. Let me just give you a real example from just last week. Now, this is definitely one of the worst days I’ve had but days like this happen regularly.

The following is a combination of actual events combined with my stream of conscious throughout – try to keep up

The Night Before

7:00 – Shit, I was late AGAIN today, but not tomorrow. Nope! I’ll prep everything tonight, wake at 5:30 and out the door by 7:30. That’ll put me 15 minutes early to work. No problem.

11:30pm – passed out in bed with my son, AGAIN….no prep done but no worries, I’ll still have plenty of time to get it all done if I wake on time.

The Next Morning

5:30am – alarm sounds, hit snooze

5:40am – alarm sounds again, hit snooze

5:50am – alarm sounds again, hit snooze

6:00am – alarm sounds AGAIN, fuck it – reset alarm for 6:30 – I can totally get everything done in an hour

6:30am – alarm sounds – shit! what was I thinking?!  Rush downstairs, take meds, make coffee, walk circles for a moment before I realize I can actually be productive while waiting on coffee. Prep Thomas’ lunch, pour cup of coffee, and rush back upstairs.

6:45am – shower, get distracted in shower thinking about what I need to get done that day, remember I’m already running late, finish shower

7:15am – out of shower, shit! 15 minutes before I need to leave. Begin bathroom routine, lotion face, see zit, pop zit, see a stray hair start plucking eyebrows

7:30am – damn it! Distracted again! I don’t even have clothes on- rush to closet, ponder what to wear, finally make a choice, toss on clothes, decide my hair will have to air dry and rush out

7:40am – In the kids closet picking out clothes, put clothes on kid while he sleeps, wake him to potty…he cries because he was just frantically awakened from a peaceful slumber and is being rushed out the door

7:50am – running out the door with kid and all our things. OK, we can at least make it right on time. Realize I left his lunch inside, run back inside grab his lunch and pull out

7:55am – realize I left my computer bag sitting on the couch, shit! Turn around, drive back home, run inside and grab the bag then back out the door

8:10am – off to work again

8:30am – stuck in traffic and realize I didn’t even put shoes on the kid…start texting ex-husband to go buy cheap shoes and deliver to daycare

8:55am – finally pull up to daycare, rush in and get the kid situated, go running out the door…he cries and insists on one more hug – of course I oblige

9:00am – frantic, full of anxiety and speeding way too quickly to the office – DAMN IT!!! I forgot to walk the dog – text boyfriend and ask him to walk the dog.

9:20am – 20 minutes late. FUCK! OK, tomorrow; tomorrow I’ll get out the door on time



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