Two People with ADD Meet & Fall in Love

Two people with ADD meet and fall in love. Sounds like the start to a really bad joke, right?

Thankfully, it’s more of a happy ending, but with a bit of chaos mixed in.

Why it works

It works for many reasons. First, we both had long relationships with people that simply couldn’t understand the struggle and the why’s behind some of our actions. It caused them to be frustrated and us to feel bullied frequently by our former spouses.

But through our personal experiences, we individually learned a lot about ourselves, about what we need in partners, about our own strengths and weaknesses and much more.

  • 14444625_10210913310053715_4642127055814339498_oWe have empathy for one another. While our struggles are different, we both have a great understanding of what the other deals with on a regular basis
  • We practice patience. We recognize that certain things are out of our control or overwhelming so we have patience for one another.
  • We support each other. We recognize each other’s needs. I need to have a clean and organized home so I’m not distracted when I should be spending time with my son or working from home, so we partner to keep the house clean. He needs flexibility in schedule and someone that is OK with simply going with the flow, so I willingly go with whatever plans he creates. As a result, there are smiles all around
  • We take the time to understand what we don’t already. The phrase, “how can I help?” is spoken more often in our home than anything else and that question is genuine and sincere.



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